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Current Source of Income

GCD main source of income has come from Acts Ministries International which has an ‘Orphan Fund’ under the church administration.

Money raised through media sales and other donations is donated to GCD as project grants. Some income also comes from corporate bodies and some individuals mostly Church members of Acts Ministries International who support the particularly the education project on the ground in Uganda and Kenya.

To date GCD has received a large portion of its income from Acts Ministries International.

GCD had a total Project Income of UGX 15, 769, 079 (GBP 5,840.40) for the year 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 calculated at an exchange rate of 1GBP to UGX2700. Of this Income eighty percent (80%) were grants for school fees and scholastic requirements for orphans at primary and secondary schools while 20% covered project cost and operational expenditure.

GCD has for the year 2008/2009 already provided finance to support the education of a candidate at Gulu University in the amount of UGX 3,556,731 (£1317.30), and a Project budget of UGX 5,106,848 (£1891.42) to Gulu office. An additional UGX 504,000 has been granted to support a Senior 6 candidate at Gulu Central School.

The education grant to these two students covered university and secondary school tuition, scholastic needs, renting of a hostel and cost of boarding. The entire amount for the Income has been calculated at an exchange rate of UGX2700 to £1.

Future Source of Income

However, lately we have applied for funds from the European Social Fund for Development as well as Comic Relief but have not received the funds yet.

Considering that GCD has just been registered in July 2008 with the Charity Commission of England and Wales as a charity, it is currently developing a data base of donors with the hope of identifying major donors for its future projects in the countries of its geographical operational zones in Africa.

Major Donors

Currently we have located some major donors that we have send GCD concept letters to give further information and these donors are: The European Fund for Social Development, Comic Relief, DfID (Department for International Development) and BMZ (German Aid for Overseas Development).

Uniqueness of GCD Project

It is certain that there are several NGOs operating in Gulu with several in the children sector. However, none of the NGOs working with children are linked to the grassroots communities. GCD is taking a down-up approach to the needs of the children. We believe that an orphan needs a family setting in order to develop the values needed for a proper upbringing. Hence, we have devoted our effort to working with the grassroots members of the communities in order to provide a holistic education support for the orphans. Many of the NGOs on the ground in Gulu do are not concern with the widows and the entire communities. They support the education of the orphans but do not have link with the grassroots communities to build a bond between the orphans and the guardians.